The 2016 Mannafest Conference provides tools needed to become the Godly leaders in the home, community and workplace. Mannafest speaks to the heart of God’s meaning of manhood and provides resources to build up true manhood to last for a lifetime.

Man cannot live by bread alone but by everyone Word that proceeds from the mouth of God. (Matt 4:4). Men were called to lead, whether it is in their family or in the community the standard for Godly men is high but not unreachable. This is not only a rally for men to be encourage but this conference is a resource for men to get equipped with spiritual and practical wisdom that can be applied to all areas of life to help men become who God has called them to be.

Crossover Bible Fellowship’s Wise Guys Mens Ministry & Authentic Manhood (The 33 Series) team up in order to bring you a conference that will not only last 2 days but will be a process that will echo throughout your days as a man.

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